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Houston Storm Damage

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August leaving chaos in its path. The local SERVPRO franchises were inundated with more claims than they could handle.  ... READ MORE

Grease Fire causes damage in Bowling Green

The kitchen in this Bowling Green, KY home was damaged due to a grease fire. The entire house was affected with smoke and odor before the fire was put out. Our ... READ MORE

Leaky water pipe inside wall causes mold

The wall in this Living Room in this Bowling Green, KY was starting to mold due to a leak in the water line from the kitchen. The flooring and drywall as well a... READ MORE

Church Flood in Bowling Green, KY

The mechanical room in this local Church was very wet after a pipe busted in the ceiling. SERVPRO of Warren County was on the way as soon as the call was receiv... READ MORE

Torrential Rains cause flooding in St. Louis

Several days of non stop rain caused levy's to break and storm drains to over flow in St. Louis, Missouri. This caused several homes to have flooded basements a... READ MORE

Storm causes flooding in St. Louis

The basement of this St. Louis, Missouri home was flooded after several day of torrential rain had caused the storm drains to back up. SERVPRO of Warren Co... READ MORE

Flooded home in Warren County

When this Warren County Homeowner returned from a 2 week vacation they had several rooms flooded from a leak under the sink. When we arrived we started extracti... READ MORE

Aquarium Leak in Bowling Green

The Aquarium in this Bowling Green, KY had a seal break causing it to leak and flood several rooms while the homeowers were on vacation. SERVPRO of Warren Count... READ MORE

Flood in Warren County Business

The hallway and offices in this local office was flooded when a pipe leaked. SERVPRO of Warren County was on the job within an hour of receiving the call. We we... READ MORE

House Fire

The ceiling and walls in this home were heavily affected by a fire. SERVPRO of Warren County was able to get on site and begin work as soon as the fire departme... READ MORE