What our Customers say...


Thanks so much for your help this morning.  We were simply devasted by the loss.

God Bless

C Parson

Sheila and Michael Anne were great to work with after the tornadoes here.  So thankful!

Deborah H.

So impressed with Johnny and Brian!  They really know their stuff!

Tom S

Thank you so much for sending a crew again today...I know they were tired but they made it so much easier!

M Devlin

When we had a mold issue at our church we were thankful for the help!!  God works in amazing ways!


Our family just wanted to say a big THANK YOU and to say we highly recommend SERVPRO of Warren County!

K Lutz

Good men! Great Service! I hope all your crews are as hard working as the one I was lucky enough to get!

Debbie M. 

Amanda could teach a class in "Customer Service"  She is that good!!

Gina H. 

Thank you for all your help.  I was in complete shock and you really helped me through it. 

Bethany E. 

It's great to know there is a service like this available on holidays when you need them!!  Thanks for the Labor Day availability!

Sheryl C. 

After a great job, I enjoy buying lunch for this awesome crew!

Great customer service experience from the first call to the team that came out.

After heavy rain that led to LOTS of flooded basements in our area (Central Ohio), SERVPRO was quickest to respond to my call and to schedule a damage assessment -- even though they were coming from another state! They underpromised and overdelivered, showing up early (!) for the assessment and getting a sanitizing crew out to us half a day earlier than expected (!!!). In a very stressful time, it was great to work with people who were uniformly friendly, sympathetic, and professional.

Additional info: our problem was combined storm/sanitary sewer backup that covered about two thirds of our cinderblock-and-concrete basement up to about 3 inches in some places. We removed some of the water and damaged items (a rug, cardboard boxes) ourselves within a day; contacting SERVPRO, getting an assessment, and getting a sanitizing team out took about six days total from the time I called. That sounds like a long time (and it felt like it), but it was significantly faster than other companies that serve our area were offering.

One thing I'd like to note that was really helpful: since spam calls are common lately, I don't always answer my phone. When SERVPRO called and left a message, they said I could text back OR call. Since I didn't listen to the message until after normal business hours, I felt more comfortable texting, and to my (pleased) surprise, someone was available to text back immediately to set up the assessment meeting. I really appreciate that the staff at SERVPRO of Warren County were ready to communicate with me through the medium I was more comfortable with at the time.

I just can't express how much I love these people. They went above and beyond for us after our water line busted. I am eternally grateful

They were a lifesaver when my father's house flooded. The tech Joe was so polite, down to earth and friendly. This company brought me some comfort in a time of great discomfort.

Great job SERVPRO of Warren County! Appreciate all of your hard work on my home. 

Our school was damaged by fire due to vandalism and SERVPRO of Warren County was quick to respond and did an excellent job cleaning up the mess. Many Thanks!

Mold is never a good thing to deal with, but the people from SERVPRO of Warren County helped get mine taken care of quickly and with much professionalism.

The team assigned to this project Joe, Dalton and the others are all top notch...5 star superstars. I was SO impressed with the high level of customer satisfaction that each one showed while on-site, or during any communications with us. Very impressive team!!

We have used SERVPRO of Warren County on more than one occasion and are always very happy with their professionalism.

Our building was flooded during the terrible rains the past couple of weeks and SERVPRO of Warren County was in town helping out the local SERVPRO. We are very impressed with their willingness to put in late hours in order to help our during a crisis.

We had a fire in our home in November and it has been a terrible experience, but SERVPRO of Warren County has really helped us through the process of getting our home back ready to live in. We are very thankful for all they have done.

We had a water pipe bust and SERVPRO of Warren County was able to get to our location within 45 minutes of the call. They cleaned up the water and set fans and didn't even disrupt our business. Very impressed with the young men and women that work for this company.

SERVPRO of Warren County was prompt and very polite. They had worked on one of our other locations and we were very happy with what they did. If we ever have another problem we will call them!!

“There is a right way and many wrong ways to perform mold remediation. As an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) that performs clearance testing behind many different mold remediation companies, I can tell you for a fact that SERVPRO does it the right way. I can’t say that about everyone else.”

LOVE partnering with SERVPRO of Warren County for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society! Nikki, Katie and AJ are THE BEST! Awesome place, Awesome people!

I would Highly recommended SERVPRO of Warren County to anyone who has a disaster whether large or small. We recently had an issue and Nikki Duff at SERVPRO was fast to respond and willing to help. Her kindness and knowledge was very reassuring and appreciated! If you want the job done correctly with great service look no further!

SERVPRO of Warren County has become a vital cornerstone of the community it covers and serves. Being someone who is involved  heavily in community events and functions I see the great effort they put in to making their neighbors, customers, and friends better. We have also seen their tremendous involvement in our own sponsored community events like our annual Stuff the Bus School Supply Drive where they donated not only school supplies and funding but also numerous volunteers and hours on site during the event weekend.

I would like to let you know that I appreciate the quick response, thorough work & professionalism with which SERVPRO of Warren County approaches each & every project for which we have called on you.  

I would like to let you know that I appreciate the quick response, thorough work & professionalism with which SERVPRO of Warren County approaches each & every project for which we have called on you.  Of course, we have no notice of when we need your services but you are always very responsive when events arise. I have full confidence that once your crew is on site, that whatever the situation is, we will be made whole.  Thank you for your assistance in the past.  I have no reservations whatsoever in contacting you in the future.

The team at SERVPRO exceeded expectations.

We would definitely recommend the Warren County SERVPRO team to anyone looking for fast and reliable service.

We recently contracted with SERVPRO of Warren County to complete some restoration and repair work to our property located in Bowling Green KY. As a nationwide developer and landlord of industrial properties, we rely on a network of vendors to complete work for us in a timely and efficient manner. The team at SERVPRO exceeded expectations of not only us, but also that of our tenant, which we consider paramount to our success.



SERVPRO did an excellent job replacing the floor at my office when the toilet over flowed. Thanks for your timely response!!

Thanks to all who worked on this job. I am very pleased with all of the results.

Great staff!! Kentucky crew was awesome.

The guys working on my basement were SO courteous and friendly. Extremely happy!

Entire crew was friendly and professional and did exactly what they said they would. Very Satisfied!!

I would like to say that Jonathan Britt and his crew should be commended for there excellent work.  Very professional and friendly kept us informed all the way, I am very impressed, they did a great job

Good people doing a great job! I hope you never need services related to wind, water or fire damage but if you do, SERVPRO of Warren County is the only choice.

A BIG THANKS!!! We had major oil that Fedex had left in our drive way. Our friends said to call Billy at SERVPRO of Warren County. They not only worked for hours one day they have become our friends. Very professional company. Awesome people!!

SERVPRO of Warren County was a life saver! They did an awesome job and had out restaurant cleaned up and ready to reopen in just a few short days! We will recommend SERVPRO of Warren County to anyone who suffers fire damage. Thanks so much for the quick response.

I would like to say that Jonathan Britt and his crew should be commended for there excellent work. They were assigned to us by AAA in. company for our flooding that happened in St. Louis. Very professional and friendly kept us informed all the way, I am very impressed, they did a great job

SERVPRO of Warren County did an awesome job taking care of our home after fire damage. Definitely recommend them for their prompt - detailed and high quality service. SERVPRO of Warren County took care of all our needs and were very professional and hard working people.

I've been very pleased with services provided by SERVPRO of Warren County. Their response time was far superior than my expectations. Not only did they arrive en mass, but fully equipped and immediately began taking steps to prevent and further damage. They did all they could do to minimize the inconvenience of being displaced in a busy office while repairs were being done!

A few weeks back, my wife thought she was smelling an earthy aroma coming from our cabinets. After consulting our real estate agent, he recommended calling SERVPRO of Warren County. We are so glad we did! From day one, they represented us in dealing with our insurance adjuster and led us through every step of the process. We don't know how we would've navigated this process without them. We highly recommend Jonathan and Nikki and all of the SERVPRO professionals that have worked with us.

They were very fast acting! After our flood they were there to dry things up within an hour! Took a little longer to get everything repaired, but still great to work with and great management.

Billy Moody and his SERVPRO of Warren County team done an amazing job after we had a major water leak in our home. Not only was they fast but their work was very good. We have used them twice now and they always make it "Like it never even happened." I would highly recommend them.

As we celebrate SIX months of being in our new office, we are thankful for all of those who helped us through the process of cleaning up the mess that our office fire left us with. We appreciated the hard work of the staff at SERVPRO of Warren County Thank you all so much!

“I have used SERVPRO of Warren County several times now to repair and remediate water damage. Each time they were prompt in responding, once coming to my house at 9 pm at night. Their employee were professional and courteous. They were efficient in making repairs and did great work. I would highly recommend them to anyone that asks!”

After clearing with the insurance adjuster we had to choose a certified restoration contractor and we chose SERVPRO. The day we made the call there were 2 representatives on site with a plan. The following day they had a large crew beginning the clean up process, once the clean up was completed their crews rebuilt all structural damages and losses. I hope I never have another tragedy but in the event, I would not hesitate to use SERVPRO of Warren County again!

We have used SERVPRO of Warren County for our business and our home and they are always very professional and quick to respond. They do an excellent job and have amazing customer service.

Got your thank you card. I should be thanking you. Your guys did excellent work and were quick to respond. Rest assured anything else comes up you will be the first I call.

"Being a first-time homeowner, I was terrified the night my ceiling and roof caved in due to the weight of snow and ice during a snowstorm in February 2015. The service techs that were sent to my house the next morning to assess the damage were unbelievably helpful and polite. Throughout the next few months of dealing with SERVPRO of Warren County, namely Jonathan Britt, both my ceiling and roof were repaired quickly and to my exact liking.

I wish my basement would flood again, it was such a good job!

A special thanks to Billy Moody and his crew for an amazing job. We called on a Saturday morning (of a holiday weekend) and they were out here within hours drying out our flood damage. SERVPRO of Warren County truly did make it "Like it never even happened!"

We HIGHLY recommend SERVPRO of Warren County to anyone. They are awesome!

I worked last weekend as a temp with SERVPRO and was extremely impressed with their organization, their communication and their thoroughness. I could tell they really care about their clients. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to work with some awesome people.